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Frameless Glass in Epsom, Sutton and the Wider Surrey Area

Frameless glass solutions in the office and retail sectors are soaring in popularity – and with good reason! Offering a stylish and modern finish to exteriors, as well as creating sophisticated, minimalist interiors, frameless glass is both aesthetically appealing and functional. As a specialist local glazier, Metropolitan Glass has successfully installed frameless glass features in businesses across Sutton, Epsom and the wider Surrey area.


With a greater sense of space for even the smallest properties, not to mention an increased amount of natural light flow, it’s clear to see why Epsom, Sutton and South London businesses are queuing up for our frameless glass solutions, including:

The Benefits Frameless Glass Brings to Your Business


Glass may have a reputation for being fragile but when it comes to our frameless glass, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As with our installations already in place across Epsom, Sutton and the wider Surrey area, our toughened frameless glass is treated to make it far stronger than normal glass. In some cases, frameless glass can be up to 5 times stronger than its standard equivalent, making it an incredibly resilient design material for retail and office units in Epsom and Sutton.


All of our glass and installations comply with the requisite Building Regulations, so whichever frameless glass option you decide on, security and safety will be no less of an issue than other material.


In particular regard to our frameless glass doors and windows, the experienced design team at Metropolitan Glass applies patch fittings of aluminium or steel to enhance the already strong and secure nature of the glass. These fittings can be worked around your stated design wishes, whether they are located in the corners of the door leaf or a full-width option.


Once your business hours are over, the multitude of locking options we have available will secure your unit even further. Depending on the design of the door and the size of the patch fittings, our locks engage with either the wall, ceiling or floor to provide peace of mind when premises are empty.


For retail outlets, our frameless glass markedly increases the shopfront window space. By utilising this area, an Epsom, Sutton or Croydon-based shop can maximise the appeal of their window displays with imaginative merchandising. This new and improved shopfront will surely catch the eye of all those passing shoppers.


Metropolitan Glass can also offer a host of frameless glass options for office-based businesses in Epsom, Sutton and the wider Surrey area. Aside from the aforementioned space and light benefits to your office space, frameless glass also allows semi-permanent solutions to your current design needs.


With minimal disruption to your Epsom, Sutton or Surrey place of work, Metropolitan Glass can install frameless glass partitions, non-load bearing walls and frame-mounted sliding doors. With floor to ceiling frameless glass, your office space will become a sleek, modern working environment.


However, privacy is still in your control. Finishing touches such as a full or partial frosted effect, the addition of a company logo or splashes of colour can modify the open-room feel to suit your needs.


In many respects, our frameless glass is a blank canvas. Whichever route you choose to take, be it ‘less is more’, or proudly displaying the name of your business, our frameless glass options will give your Epsom, Sutton or Surrey office that elusive ‘wow’ factor!

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