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Our Croydon Glazier Answers Client Questions

On this page, we’ve looked to answer some of the questions our Croydon clients regularly ask us. If you have a question regarding our services that isn’t answered below, or if you need to speak to a glazier for some other reason, call us now on 07873 204571.


We specialise in glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, mirrors and shower screens. We also supply and fit glass doors, glass worktops, mirrors and frameless glass fixtures.


How should I go about choosing glass worktops for my Croydon home?


One thing to think about is how big you need your glass worktops to be. If they’re too small, they’ll soon become frustrating to use, especially as you’ll constantly be running out of workspace when preparing food at your Croydon home. Think about your personal needs, if you don’t cook much keep it simple when you do, there’s no need to go overboard. But, if you’re keen on all things culinary, larger glass worktops will likely be required.


Consider whether you want coloured or plain glass worktops, and think about features like draining grooves which prevent dirt from building up. Ideally, you’ll choose a balance of form and function; beautiful glass worktops that will be a pleasure to use. Your Croydon-based glazier will be more than happy to help design them so please give us a call.


Are glass splashbacks easy to clean?


Glass splashbacks are incredibly easy to clean. All you’ll need is a proper cleaning agent and cloth. Use either glass cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, general cleaner or just warm water and detergent. All are of these are more than suitable for the job and should be easy to find anywhere in Croydon if you don’t already have them at home.


Avoid using a steel scouring pad or plastic tool to clean glass splashbacks; a soft paper towel is the best option. After wiping down, finish off with a dry cloth to prevent streaking. Remember that while our glass splashbacks are stain resistant, they should be wiped down from time to time to keep them free of fingerprints, grease and similar markings.


Why should I choose frameless glass for shower screens?


The main reason why our Croydon clients are so keen on frameless glass shower screens is that they are amazingly stylish. Clean and elegant in design, frameless glass is seen as a luxury material when it comes to shower screens. Another benefit of having no frame is that shower screens can open both ways, preventing them from rusting or getting dirty.


Can you also supply frameless glass doors?


Yes. We also design and install frameless glass doors for homeowners and companies in and around the Croydon area. Like our frameless glass shower screens, our frameless glass doors are seen as a premium option when compared to framed alternatives. However, they are still surprisingly affordable. Call us now to arrange a prompt consultation.


Where are the best places in a house to position mirrors?


Mirrors can be positioned in most locations depending on how you intending using them. Bathroom mirrors help you get ready in the morning so they’re always going to fulfil a utilitarian purpose, no matter how creatively designed they are. However, mirrors can also be used to create the impression of space or can simply be used for ornamentation.


We recommend browsing the web and checking out some interior design blogs because there are so many different ways to use mirrors in your Croydon home or workplace. Also consider mirrored wardrobes, which look great but are still distinctly functional.


Why should I invest in glass balustrades?


Glass balustrades look sleek and professional, and this is the main reason why you see them in so many high-end offices around the Croydon area. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, give the illusion of added space and a reputable glazier can design them in multiple shapes, sizes and styles. Glass balustrades are an eco-friendly option, they are highly durable and they’re safe, quick and easy to install.


Call the Croydon area’s leading glazier on 07873 204571 if you have any further questions on our glass products or services.